Web Analytics Implementation Specialist

My job is all about bridging the gap between the marketing/analytics department and developers whom they depend on for implementation. The two sides usually talk a very different language.

Web analytics tools like Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics and their respective implementation has become increasingly complex, and developers don't want to deal with implementing the marketing department's current tool of choice. Not to mention all the caveats modern developments like SPA's, ITP, cross-domain, consent etc. have introduced to web analytics. They'd rather focus on developing their projects - and rightly so.

The marketing department, on the other hand, wants flexibility. After all the field relies on rapid iteration and testing what the user reacts best to. Having to wait for the next sprint is a foreign concept to them. Thus, they use various Tag Managers to break free of the typical release cycles and act independently. These are tools intended do make marketing-related implementation feasible without much technical knowledge, and without the developers having to be involved.

However, that quickly turns out be a misconception, and suddenly in-depth technical knowledge is required to facilitate scaling concepts for clients with more than just one web page. Furthermore, web analytics is only useful if it goes beyond mere "page-load tracking". Otherwise, the backend might just as well count the number of pages requested. It's the user's interaction with a website where analytics gets really interesting. To measure that we need the site's developers to notify us when an analytics-relevant interaction occurs - in a standardised way (button clicks, form errors etc)!

The technical solution is to introduce a layer of abstraction. Provide the developers with a common interface, which they can use to set analytics relevant data. Then use said data and talk to the analytics and marketing tools - all configuration included. Want to swap out or add a new tool, no problem!

Communicating at eye level with both developers and marketing is thus essential. And this is precisely what I do. I have strong JavaScript knowledge and good sense for API architecture. Combined with a healthy portion of pragmatism, I design and maintain the aforementioned web analytics interfaces and configure marketing tools (primarily Adobe) at the agency FELD M for multiple major players in the DACH Region - including the automotive sector, insurance companies, public transport, news websites etc.

  • Node JS
  • JavaScript
  • Vue
  • Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Adobe Launch
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target
  • Ensighten

Launch Viewer

The Launch Viewer is a small tool I made using vue.js over the course of a weekend. I use the Tag Manager Adobe Launch frequently, and its GUI is sometimes unneccesarily convoluted. The tool allows me to quickly scan any launch property by prodiving the libraryURL.

Launch Viewer

(Preselected Launch Library from adobe.com)

Games Development

I'm fascinated by the intricate logic in games. Its what got me into programming. I used to dabble in Game Maker by YoYo Games. As part of the "2.5D" game I was working on in my free time (now abandoned!) I popularized a method coined "z-tilt" in an article featured on the YoYo Website.